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  • Daaannnggg!
    Well - have fun at Cheer Camp. =)

    You know, your brother could use the computers in the computer lab on campus. l0l - but nevermind - taking your computer is the brotherly thing to do. l0l

  • I responded to your post on the message board =)

  • "friends ... how many of us have them? Friends ... the ones we can depend on"



  • awwww - this picture is cuteeeee! l0l

  • Ugh - I know you better be playin l0l
    They look a hot mess lmao. The only one that`s cute is the one thats face got cut off in the bottom of the picture.

  • l0l - what the f*** @chris breezy 10?
    What you wrote is pure comedy to me - I can`t even get mad at your ignorance. l0l

  • lma0000 - exactly!!!
    I have and older sister and an older brother that were upper classmen when me and my sister started HS and we had teachers that our older siblings had and the teachers were like, "You need to sit in the back and away from everybody else because I can already tell that you`re just like your brother." - like, yooo - wtf? l0l They messed everything up for us. The teachers treated us like criminals from jump. The first day of HS was hell. l0l But I did get a lot of friends that were juniors and seniors thanks to my brother and sister.

  • l0l - it`s not a dumb question.
    But being a twin isn`t hard ... it`s more annoying than anything else, though. For instance - having people expect us to do everything together and exactly the same way.

    When I tried out for the basketball team everybody was like ,"where`s your twin?" They act like if one of us doesn`t do what the other is doing then we`re mad at eachother [which makes NO sense l0l]. I`m like, dawg - we don`t have make the same moves all the time. She tried out for the cheerleading team, though so she could cheer for me while I played ball. l0l

  • We`re fraternal ...
    A lot of people think we`re identical, but I don`t see it. She looks more like our dad and I look more like our mother. =) But we do have some similar features...