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  • on myke

    damn u got aim pa. add me i do just add me as ur friend in this site. asap k

  • ya both cute but i think we can see more?

    i got aim do u??

    add me asap i will give it to u

  • i stAY speechless cause ya boddy is wwwwoooowwww and are ssseeeexxxiiii damn add me to ya friends

  • you is sexi boo. halla at me if anything.please add me.

  • hey wats popin cutie. put ya b's up

  • u handsome lol. go cutie

  • dang cutie u no wat it do

  • ya look more then friends. you no. Ohh ya look like ya about to kiss but tats all ya. not my biss. lol

    hey can ya add me to your friends and send me a message please???? thanks

  • hey u look good. u got pac and u wow. dan wats good.

  • damn booo u is fine. u look like my god brother. go chulo. dang papi.