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  • wow he look like a straight up nerd! but a hott i would definitely wanna be tutored by this brotha. i like how he kinda stands up 4 the nerds tho, they ppl too even tho they dont all look like...that

  • i luv that shirt thats says i love my family that is really sweet, i wish i had me a dude like that.

  • Chris u look goooood as always and lil mama is workin her outfit nice one.

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    goodness, chris breezy looks tight in erry picture he takes! these pics are off the hook!

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    i am so happy! i knew i would be pleased w/ this album i heard some exclusive tracks that didnt even go on the album. and then i heard wall to wall which i was confirmed that would be on it and i was like damn boy got it goin on STILL i knew mistah breezy wasnt gonna be no flop. homie u keep doin wat u do erry track is blazin i swear i already listen ed to erry song like 30 keep it up we love you!!