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  • i was in target when i came across this mag for the first time and i bout lost mah mind in that check-out line!

  • i jus wish u'd get yoself ova here to da co and c bout us 614 grlz. i can't even tell u how hard i's been havin to kno u in ohio... same state... breathin the same air... under the same sky... like right there, but untangible. can't c u, can't hear u... i's depressin. i jus wanna go to a concert!!! can't even do that... closest i been to u was mah g-ma seein yo tour rv while she was drivin. how sadd is that?!!?! so chris, all i'm sayin is... SHO A LIL TENDANESS!!! lol PLEASE???


  • maynne!!! i'm sooo glad i joined! i thought this was gonna cost money, but it dont and i'm damn glad bout it!!!