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  • dam boo come get with me and not the nasty hoez
    bye pretty boy

  • hey boo yu look so dam hot and yu dont need these hoez so come get with me

  • yu know what boo a picture speaks alot of words but i would like to meet yu

  • hey pretty boy dam yu look 2 hot

  • --
    hey boo you look hot and i hope to be in your next music video and to see you in person
    and dam yu 2 hot

  • hey boo i will be there 4 yu and vote 4 yu and dont fall 4 the fake phoney girlz am there 4 yu so

    bye pretty boy boo

  • yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy yum

  • chris is so hot and mine note none of you gayz hot there ok lil nasty

  • come and get this honey bun yummy yum baby

  • --
    me and chris brown not these things