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  • That is real deep wat u said about people attacking u, n how u just came right out wit ur feelings and how u wont visit this site that much anymore.

  • Shawty u a TEN!! u is so sexii and dat cut is so fresh. Can u add me to ur friendz!!


  • A little about ME!!

    i luv chillin wit my friends, shoppin, singin, and dancin. i pretty much just luv having fun. i hate phony people and people dat think they better then you!! but the most important thing about me is dat I LUV CHRIS BROWN!!!!!

  • Rating: 

    I <3 da CD. All of da tracks are good. I also luv da variety of beats dats up there. And dis cd is really a big step up from the other one cause its more grown.


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  • I got da cd da week it came out. dat should be da album of da year!!

  • he look alot like chris!!!! he is sexii as hell!!!

  • he cute but not a chris breezy!!!!

  • he dont look nothin like chris so all yall need to stop lyin.
    But He Is CUTE!!!!

  • Wat da F***!!! he is soo sexii!! look at dat body and smile!!! ummmmm,I am speechless, its gettin a lil hot in here!!!!