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  • ahah heyyy that's cool your somalian !!

  • ahah that's really cool your somaliannnn

  • ohemgee.

    just added this pictue to my myspace
    bc ahhh damn i love it !! and the stylee

  • yooo !

    be my nerdd shieet haha


    enough words said !

    [ period . ]

  • on meee

    ok . . i'm cute, but your gorgeous = ]

  • Oh Yes !! Brooklyn is dope

  • Get It Boy !!

  • Hey KiKi !
    Yeah I got it that's kool
    Your aunt probably lives somewhere by me
    Haha because most of the Somalians live in my area
    Do you live by Ontario or Toronto
    I got family there . .

    Harlem was really fun
    I love the atmosphere there
    Like alot of the people are nice && welcoming
    And they can dance !
    Now I know why Chris likes it there
    I saw the Breakfast Club Crew
    Chilling in front of a building at night when I was walking to the corner store
    && I saw Ms.Rocawear
    Which I got nervous to actually talk to her and be like Oh yeah your CB's best friend lmao

  • Omgawshh,
    The questions they ask are ridiculous
    I guess as a young`n . .
    I use - Common Sense -
    Lmao haa yeahh
    But Wow some girl's on here are really "Bimbos"
    Loool i`m mean . .