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    Vote "YES" or "NO" if you're going to buy Chris Brown's new cd NOV. 6TH!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just trying to start up a voting poll becuase I have nothing else to write.

  • THIS IS EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!

    This new cover is HOT!!!!! Vote "YES" or "NO" if you would want this to be the cover of his new cd "EXCLUSIVE" coming out November 6th!


    Chris Brown has finally made up his mind about releasing his Exclusive CD on November 6th after he puts out his third single "Take You Down'. He willl be making a video for that song too. Make sure to vote for Kiss Kiss on It should have been number 1 on the countdown by now!!!

  • The CD ACTUALLY comes out November 6th!! Which CHRIS BROWN said on 106 & Park when he debuted his new single and video Kiss Kiss featuring T-Pain!!! kenzie

  • Hey this ya gurl kenzie and I wanted to let you guys know that when I saw this number I immediately called and I prayed that he would answer..... but he DIDN'T. Hopefully he'll answer one day!!!! Shout out to my gurl KINETRA AKA KINETA!! HA HA HA
    (lil jbys)

  • Hey Crash! where are u from? I'm not that good at bball either but I'm working on it. Hit me back later. P.S. Do you know anyone else on this website?/ I only know one person and that's m friend Kintera(lil jbys). You cna be my friend too if you want??

  • Hey Crash this ya gurl kenziecnchrisb.I was wonderin if that was u in the profile pic with the green background... THAT IS SO Nice!! I 'm a fan of basketball too but I'm not a good player. Reply back when u get a chance

  • This boy doesn't look like Chris Brown. Chris Brown looks WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY much better than him!!! Sorry but you're kind of cute!!!!!!But you need to get that eyebrow fixed it's not that cute!!!!! From Kinetra Allen username : dancer4life give me feedback on what I have 2 say. (I'm not an exotic dancer though!!!!)

  • Alot people envy Chris Brown. He is a true person and he will never disrespect his elders. Keep your opinion about all the false information thats being spreaded through the media from the paparazzi because you're absolutely right.

  • He is born in Tappahannock, virginia so that means he must live there. All u people who don't know that y'all need to step up on game. Come to my page n add me to ur friends n u will c what yall missin'. Chris B wifey1207