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  • BROOKYLNNNNNN LoL Yea That Is Dope Im A Lil Jealous LoL Im Joking

    SaShA AkA --->Sunny<--- RoCkS ThE MiC RiGht!!!.........LoL SIKE!!!!!!!! BuT I Do RoCk lOl
    Reppin CBH To the Fullest We Do It Big Cuz Theres No Other Way To Do It!!!Y

  • Cast Call Info::

    Name: Sash

    Age: Wateva Fits

    Looks Like: Kelis

    Personality: Sort Of A Tomboy Girl (wuld rather jeans a tee shurt and sneakers over heels but will wear them if she has too), silly,always makin her crew laugh,will fight if she has to, tells it like it is wont sugar coat anything, advice giver, sarcastic as hell lol, kind of the nerd of the crew but still hella cool, temper is CRAZIII LoL, LOVES TO GO SHOPPING LoL, ummm i guess das it lol