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  • well 1st of all he is HOT n did a mention hot hehe ! my fav song of his is say goodbye the song is soo good n a luv the lyrics =) i would jump for the chance 2 meet him n get 2 kno him.

    Heather Mason Rawks ! x

  • Me Myself and I

    Well hii my name is heather mason =D im from glasgow in a small place called scotland. im 16 im a bubbly person n hav always got a smile on ma face =D if your nice to me we could b good pals a myt b complicated sumtimes but thts coz a cant reeli xpress wat am thinkin coz ma nerves get the better of me =(. well thats ma life n how i am luv me or hate me. add me as a friend pleez coz a hav none haha wee loner tht i am =P

    hugs n kisses

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