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Chris Brown Mobile Club answers CB’s first Trivia Question “What is My Fav Food?”

The results are in! Fans prove they have a great taste just like their boy! Here are the results to Chris Brown’s first mobile club trivia question:

CB asked: “What is my favorite food?” 19% texted “A” (for Chinese), 40% texted “B” (for pizza), 33% texted “C” (for pasta) and 8% texted “D” (for Mexican). Congrats to all the fans who got the right answer: “C” (for pasta)! Don’t miss out on the next round of CB trivia. If you are not a member yet, text CHRISBROWN to 66937 to join Chris Brown’s Official Mobile Club and you will get automatically enrolled to play CB trivia! For details on mobile club membership and CB trivia, click here .