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  • Ryan Leslie

    Alright Im Goin' Through A Ryan Leslie Phase. Lol
    Dude Is Super Talanted.
    Love His Music && Beats. I Think That He Is
    Very Underated.

    Show Him Somee <3 Peoplee!

  • Why Im A Sorta-Fan

    Lemme Get This Straight,
    I Like Chris Cause His Music Is Dope..
    Not Because "He's Cute And
    Has A Fun Personality"

    I Won't Get Angry If He Was Spotted
    Kissing A Girl Cause That Has Nothing
    To Do Me And With Music.

    To Round It Up...
    Im Not What You Would Call
    A 'Number 1 Fan'

  • Either This Aint Your Boyfriend Cause I've
    Seen This Pik EVERYWHERE And People Clamin Hes
    Their Boyfriend/ Cousin

    Or Sumwun Stole Your Boyfriends Pik And Said Its

    Ummm.. Im Going With Number 1

    You Can Be A Swagger Jacker Anyday
    But Im Rollin Differently
    Stay Flyy [=

  • Heyy

    Wahs Gudd People..
    Ma Name Is Sumaya(But Call Me Maya =])

    Im From London Town..
    My Likes Are: Fashion, Music, Art And Graphic Design..

    If You Wanna Know More Then Message Me..

    Stay Flyy