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  • What's Poppin`

    It's me, Sunny. Most of ya'll know me from the old board, I was the original "Missz Jibbz Joc Brown" and "Sunderella." I wrote alot of stories over there, and got into a lot of drama, with those little girls. lol. But whatever, Don't really be on here alot, because I like the old board better, lol. But add my myspace. or

    holla at me!!!

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  • <font color=Aqua>I think it's the mean face, you got that on lock, and you got the lips, lol. your cute, it where alittle bit lighter, you would be his twin, lol. But you look the More like him, than any of the other guys

    S H A Y
    Queen ov` Da Suburbs`
    f***kN Fresh` Ma`
    Sunny the Biggest`
    Starrah` in the Sky`