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  • Oh my gosh!!!!
    I love that song especially the video......
    from the concert......
    which I was @!!!!!!!!!!!
    When he took his shirt off
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! delisiouso

  • on sexy

    you have such a beautiful smile

  • chris you look so cute

  • hey sizzle got it going on!!!

  • Chris...
    you look so cute.
    your mom is really pretty I can see where you get your looks from~~~!

  • Chris,
    now let me tell you and when I do it's the truth...
    you got them dorky ass glasses on and you still look hot!!

  • Happy late Birthday Chirs!!!!
    oh my goodness diamond looks cuter than ever.
    keep waggin' gurl!!!
    Hope your birthday was all you wanted it to be chris.

  • you look like an educated young bahss(lol).
    i know you are smart.
    lookin' cute chris!!!

  • pink!!! my 2nd favorite color!!
    chris you look so cute!!
    ya got a kickin' sense of style!!
    keep up the good work......

    ur #1 fan!!!!

  • oh my goodness!!!
    they look so cute together!
    they seem like they are mad in love!!!
    rihanna is so awesome.

    ya'll need to stop talking about her because like i said if you love chris and want him to be happy you shouldn't be insulting his girl because that defidently isn't the way to win his heart(not like you are going to get him anyways!!!)