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  • Back up off him before i hurt u!


  • this cover is so live! i can't wait to get tha cd nov. 6!!!!!!


  • i put that tattoo on his arm

  • chris, yo body is off the chain! u get a 10 for being tha sexiest man alive.kiss kiss



  • dang you fine


  • you make me laugh so much! silly!!


  • Kiss Kiss

    i know pretty much all ya'll heard kiss kiss by CB. if you haven't heard it,why not? That song makes me want to kiss Chris Brown. tha sexy boi . and one day i will. so........ how do you feel about this bomb song? plez reply!!! good replies !!! thanx!!

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Moneygurl$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ holla back$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • OMG! Chris was so awesome! That was the best performance ever! He is mad HOT!!!!! I can't wait to get his cd. Chris gon' be even more fine then. Love ya always


  • CB's new cd

    Chris Brown has accomplished to do 1 cd already, and now he is coming out with a new 1. Wall to Wall.On the BET awards, he said that his cd will be coming out on August 28,2007. Be sure to get that.If ya'll really luv Chris Brown, then write a comment about how much you would like his new cd.Just because he is the FINEST boy i've seen, don't mean he - matter of fact just know he is the finest man alive.plez leave comments!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;)


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  • they some slammin shoes! i luv em'!!!