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My Reviews & Blog

  • looking gd... hope everythin goes well for u chris xxxx keisha xxxx

  • arrrrrrr mayn i missed it,


  • well done once again,
    chris u no ur da best,
    n every1 noes u r,
    jus make sure u dnt fall,
    ur doin sooo well,
    n every1 is soooo proud ov u,
    keep it up

  • well to be fair,
    his a great artist,
    n the best,
    well done chris,
    we r all proud off u,
    dnt let anythin bring u dwn,
    ur doin sooo well,

  • every thing about this site is great i love it,
    but the best CB,
    I LOVE YOU!!!

  • well done babe, da songs r reali good,
    memba i listen 2 every song u have made n i love dem all
    but keep it up!!!
    keisha xxx

  • well done cb,
    all ur fanz r sooooo proud of u,
    cnt wait 2 see u in january, its gonna b great,
    well i think u shud hav got alot more den tht,
    cuz ur soooo amazin
    but congrts anywayz
    lots ov love keisha

  • wow tht is cool i wonna go lol, but i dnt no how 2 sign up :(

  • u will alwayz b the best in my eyes, no1 will replace u, ca ur da nli singer tht caught my attention this much, n yh ill b der wen u cum 2 london on the 11th ov january n guess wot i cnt wait,

  • chris ull alway hav my vote on everythin u do, i think ur brilliant, ur da only person i wud go mad 4, even wen ur songs cum on tv i go mad, ma momz had enough of me tlkin bout u, n soo hav my friendz lol, with you iz a great song, n i love it, i even watch all u concert videos on utube like nearly everyday, i also try learn the dances, lol, only becuz i will neva hav da chance 2 meet u unless u cum 2 birmingham, or i go america, lol but anywayz i hope u get the award, n good luck with everythin u do, HOPE U WIN WITH ALL MA HEART, ur da greatest cb,