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  • Heineken Music Hall

    Yeah! Chris his concert in Amsterdam 16 januari was Dope:P
    It was the best ever!
    Yall went? hahhaa:P Well i did, and i can't imagine that i woulnd't be there cause it was sooooo sexy:P
    Flying stage singing my favourite song " Lottery
    Feels like i hit the lottery though:P
    hahah:P Gotta go cause m ons school ya
    love Chiara

  • ik was 10 maart ook gegaan! en ik ben ook vrijdag de 16e gegaan!
    Ik ston best goed! wat helemaal geweldig was was met die vliegende podium op " Lottery" en "Damage" hihi:P
    Myaaaa wel beetje kut dat ik niet goed op de hoogte ben wanneer ze volgende concert is....

    Baby B.(L)

  • Hi Rochelle, or Shay:)
    I added you xx Chiara

    Baby B.(L)

  • on ...

    just kidding but yes, i'm bored too

    Baby B.(L)

  • I'm not following your conversation at all... But okay...
    Sounds funny:P
    Kiss B.B.

    Baby B.(L)

  • Yeyeyeye!

    yeeeey! I'm going to another concert of Chris (my second chris brown concert)
    Unfortunately, all the tickets were sold out again before I could even stand in line to buy them!
    So... again... I had to pay tripple as much, or not going...
    Maybe it sounds stupid,I cried because I really wanted to go! But no one else wanted to pay that much for a ticket!
    The tickets were 43 euro, but mine was freakin 89 euro plus the costs for sending the tickets, that makes a hundred euro!

    But I had to go! So... My parents are giving the ticket as a bday present:D
    Yeyeyeye! I'm sooooo freakin happy!

  • Music Is My Life

    hell yeah:p just wanted 2 say that:P
    Big kiss(K) B.

  • Who wouldn't want that:P:P


    Baby B.(L)

  • Heya! Listen to these...

    Hi again:P I got some great (new) numbers of..... CHRIS BROWN!
    Like I said once before, I have no idea if the rest of the world allready know these... But I'd like to promote them for the ones who don't know them yet!

    "Ready For Love"
    "Golden Girl" is really gooooood 2!!!!

    Lots of Kissesxxx

    Baby B.

  • Last 2 Know

    Hey ya'll

    Maybe you allready heard it, maybe not, Chris's new song;
    "Last 2 know"
    Is tha bomb:P:P
    O yeah, lookin for some stores where you can buy clothing from all kinds of celebs like nelly, chris and bobby v.
    (hopefully somewhere near hahah!)
    well, C ya xxx Baby Braz

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