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  • Chris deserved all 3 of those awards. I'm so proud of him. He is such a success at such a young age. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
    "Peace, Love, & Shopping" - A&F

  • Read My First Story

    Hey I am writing my first Chris Brown story in fan fiction. I think it is really good. I would really appreciate some feedback. I can make even better stories. The heading is "New Writer "untitled" Show me some love (updated)" Im still thinking of a good title. Ideas por favor. :-)

  • OmG!! I want everything. The only thing is, it ain't cheap!!

    "Peace, Love, & Shopping" - A&F

  • I Wanna Be

    My Favorite Part.....

    The last number you call late at night,
    first one that you dial when you open your eyes...
    Wanna be the one you run to, wanna be one that ain't
    gon' hurt you, I wanna be him, I wanna be
    Be the man makin yo girls jealous, be the guy
    that's shuttin' down all the fellas..
    whatever you need, girls it's all me.. Your soldier
    your friend or your lover, girl, I wanna

  • Chris is too good to be in a boy band. His voice is perfect all by its self.

  • Someone needs to give me info about this please!! I really really want to go!! I will post a blog as soon as I find out stuff.

  • I wish i could be there to support him. Hope he has fun in New Orleans though. Can't wait till he comes back to CA.

  • Rating: 

    OMG!! I love this CD. I put the entire cd on my Ipod. You can tell who much chris brown has grown between his first and second cd. I know he will keep making more and more hits. He is a very talented singer and can go the distance.

  • Chris Brown on Today Show

    The Today Show is holding a poll on there website for the 4th of July concert.They want people to vote for the concert they want to see. Everyone needs to go to their site and vote for chris brown as the person they should show.

  • OMG!! I can believe Chris is doing so many great things in acting. Hope he keeps reaching 4 the stars