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    i thought i wasn't goin but i still gots lov 4 u but then my big brother surprise me with the tickets and i almost fainted anyway im happy cuz i get 2 c u and thatz the best christmas present anybody could get u no forget phones,shoes,and clothes im seeing u!

  • itz all good!

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    u lookin so sexii in that pic i lov the abs its sexii can i touch?

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    u go chris u lookin gud!

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    thiz iz mi man!

  • on # 1

    chris saw me and he was like wow she hott!

  • what u said about the personality and shape and how u demonstrated was cute and funny do i fit that category lol jus kiddin but really any way god has totally bless u u so sexii and ur voice melts hearts thats why us gurlz go like "airheads" over u (not me but i do go crazy over u but not airhead crazy)!lolz

  • u did it big with thiz cd i love it and im sure add ur other fans do to. i lov u and i hope u keep up the good work and god keeps blessin u. i lov all ur songz i like down,lottery,with you kiss kiss, i like throwed too and take u down i can love the vibe of every song like party and when ur alone ur voice touches my hearti could go on but i just love ur cd and keep up the good sork sexii!

  • omg u lookin sexii in this pic as always u even look sexii chillen!

  • i so proud of u i knew u would make the cover of something come on ur sexii u can sing u can dance and did i mention ur sexii as hell so congrads 2 u on that keep up the good work boo!