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  • yes every1, Chris is a bomb not just any bomb, hes a hot sexy bomb, just waitin 2 explode.... mmmhhh, chris we will dream about u & enjoy every minute of it!!

  • i agree chris is hot, hes lyk chocolate u just wana eat, mmhhh.... delicious, Chris we want more of u in more ways than one.... mmmhhh!!!!

  • CHRIS ur hot & sexy but we all know that dont we. We luv it wen u take of ur shirt but we desperately want u 2 take everything of. u can take me 2 bed any time coz i can show u a good hot & sexy tym. MMHHH is it gettin hot in here i might need a cold drink ooohhh yes, were was i, oohh yah we luv the way u move & we know how u can move in bed i wud like to personaly see these moves.

  • U deserve all the awards, chris, mostly 4 take u down i saw the concert it was super hot, i wish u wud just take everything of coz we need 2 see more of that body of urs, oohhh i need ice its gettin hot here, chris we will gladly dream & hav fantasies bout u, 4get take u down we want u 2 take us 2 bed.

  • U r hot!! seriously hot, lets meet, i cud show u a few hot tricks!! MMHH!!

  • Boi u can be my chris brown any day, actually 4get chris ur hot, steamy , u will be in my hot & sexy fantasies.... MMHHH!!!!

  • u dont luk lyk chris brown, but my word ur fine, hot, delicious, need i say more, u'll be in our dreams 4 a while....mhh

  • I agree best vocals in take u down, it was so hot i wudnt mind gettin down with him.

  • fav part of this site it could be the gallery, i dont think this is the best site, the layout is ok, but the color is as drousy as sand, u might want 2 change that, yah thats it the good thing about this site is the layout, nothin else.

  • This album is good, it has fast paced tracks, & the usuall slow but delightfull tracks. the worst song in this album is wall to wall, this song is terrible, but the rest r just fyn, superhuman featured a duet wit chris & keri hlison both showed their vocal abilities so its wor h listenin to. Take u down showd us the sexy side of chris, seein him perform live gave us sensual fantacies, u might want a cold drink while watchin the video coz it'll get hot!!.