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  • I freakin love watchin u perform.
    u bring so much energy
    u are so close to perfect its crazy!
    and u always look good
    da world needs more chris brown! lol


  • I had the pleasure of goin to the K104 Summer Jam. Sadly my seat was up in da balcony. if my mom would have known you were gonna be there she woulda hooked me up wit some good seats. but i wasnt even trippin cuz yo stage presence was enough for me. i was screamin at da top of my lungs. but anyway. u gotta come back. ur an outrageous performer and i would love to see u do some more michael jackson!


  • u look extra good in dis pic.

  • da song is hot but da video is off da chain! dats some hardcore dancin right thur!. da energy is intense and u look<strong> good </strong>wit dem fangs! lol