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  • if dat is chu then chu are foine in this pic!!! holla

  • on

    is dat a pic of u? if it is then u r like super pretty! i luv ur hair btw! lol =)

  • gurl u look so cute all up in this pic of yoself!lol i love your eyes btw!lol message me sometime!

  • Tonight!!!!!

    i can't wait until tonight, for CB's concert!!! it's goin to be so cool and im also so nervous bcuz it's my first concert ever!!! i just know that it's goin to be off the chain!!! well if ur goin let me know and have fun!!!

  • I couldn't believe it when my aunty called and said that she got my sister and me tickets to the Chris Brown concert!! i was so happy and i just know that he is going to put on the best show ever!! Plus this is my first concert in my lifetime and im just glad that i can share it with Chris Brown!! I love you Chris Brown!!

  • i got my tix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i finally got my tix for the CB concert!! im sittin in section 212 seats(for me and my sis and my aunt) 3,4,5!!!! im so excited that i am boucin all over my house!! im not going 2 be dat close but at least i will be there!! yay! yay! yay! yay!

  • my talents are dat i can sing, write poetry(even though its kinda suicidal), and i also write stories! i dont have any idea y i write so much but i luv it. one day i hope to get all of my work published and ba famous!!:)

  • i can't believe i found someone else that writes poetry. all of my friends think that poetry is kinda lame but i love it. i am, someday, hopin 2 get all of them published into a book, hopefully. anyway holla back @ ur gurl Mz.Rae Rae. ur poem is very good!!!!!

  • CB's new movie

    I went to go see CB's new movie, This Christmas and it was soooooooooooooooooooo good!!! I would so totally buy that on DVD when it comes out!!! He was so passionate with his character that that is what it made it so good!!! Man that part was so funny where she whipped that dude with the belt!!! I was cracking up so bad that I started to cry!!! Whoever has not seen that movie needs to go see it, especially if you are a CB lover, fo sho!!! If you've seen it than let me know and we can laugh over it!!!

  • CB's Concert

    If anyone is going to the CB concert in Vegas then let me know because i am going too!! I don't know how close i am going to get but I will for sure be there. I am so excited that I am not even that focused on Christmas!! I just know that he is going to be great up there on that stage doing his thang. I know that the concert is here in Vegas and most of you live somewhere else but if anyone is coming here over Christmas break then message me!! To CB: I sure hope that you do a great job up there on the stage, even though I know you will!!