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  • nice choice of print for the cover
    c/m again i only wish now

  • i love how you made the album cover printed on carboard the effect is tight and it reminds me of holloween still to early chrssss j/k on that part
    A-marie chairs and blankets

  • my head to the side, my words are to you,other gurls again coming through ,will i ever get through u know me you friends then juss juss a lil bit of cuddling in the bed haha

  • this must have been a fun session the photographer took a nice shot i love your chain thats my style

  • This totally looks like you. chris's future wife

  • thats my friend

  • this must have been exciting to be in the whole you know photo shoot you my one fine boy

  • I'm so proud ,your my WINNER!I knew you would get GRANTED AN AWARD FOR ALL THAT AND MTV AWARD'S BEST MALE VIDEO YOU GO!!!!!!!! Thanks to all you who did vote Chris brown's future wifey Ashley

  • How could such a huge piece get out? That is terrible,no surprise now ,so horrific. Yes you do have plenty resons hard to prove i think. yes please terminate these people from geting axcess ever again.Stick by their side every thing will be okay. BE WISE "MY ONE FINE"
    Chris's Future Wifey Ashley

  • "How are you Cristopher?"Thanks again for letting me vote haha I would love to see you do a performance on are private yacht ,that would be a miracle. I love you I miss you! your my number one "my one fine "