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  • Just go to and you can get pictures of Chris,Bow-Wow,Omarion,Tweety bird, and much more!!! And also add me to your friends!! Chris is 2 bum!!!!! Peece!!


  • my faves are Damage, Wall to wall, Kiss kiss,and all of the ones from is old C.D.
    Really I just love all of his songs!! He is a great singer and a very good looker!!! Check it out!!

  • Correct!! He is so mean to me!! I cried myself to sleep!


  • My best friends!

    my best friends are the best on this site!! so far about 11 people have added me and I have added about 25 of you all! Please anyone who comes on my profile add me! I am desperate for more friends!! also if you need advice for anything or reason just e-mail me!!

  • Cash Money 101

    Listen all of you!! I have been trying to be friends with Cash money 101 but all he does is cuss at you the whole time!! But I am trying to get him to be my friend,and let him know that I want to be his friend but if he would just calm down we could work something out!!

  • Chris Brown 2 bum shawties!! My username is KimLuvU2 and I only have 12 friends!! I need more but thank you all who have added me!! Try to stay in touch!!
    LOL!! :)

  • Chris look super bum!!!!! I luv chris brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh and all of yall please e-mail me back!!! And add me as your friend!!!!! My answer will be yes!! I LOVE CHRIS BROWN!!!!