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  • ok when i first saw him i was like 'what's up with his face??'
    lolz then i read ya explanation so it made sense..
    but anyway it l00kz like yall were having fun, cute pic :]

  • the concert was rockin will neva forget it :]
    cute pic.. i woulda nearly passed out t00 girl

  • Girl let them b****es hate.. they still the onez who ain't get a picture. And u are not ugly girl so don't even listen to these ugly hoez who wish they was you takin a pic with Chris. Yall look cute, I hope one day I get a pic with Chris =}

  • if he was that close 2 me i woulda been fainted.. or came close 2 it l0l u r so lucky gurl.
    im 4 real hatin now :D

    <3 chris so much!

  • cute pic

  • omg i dont know y anyone could take this picture as pushin up on "their" man.

    btw.. yall look cute dont listen to these haterz who wish they could have a pic with chris.
    I know i do <3

  • those look like backstage passes on yall neckz.. so did u get to talk to him?
    I woulda had a heartattack l0lz

  • on C&J

    L00k at their K00l Aid smilez! :]
    i l0ve em both and they l00k so cute t0gether.
    Jordin get better babe <3

  • Rating: 

    i had S00000 much fun!!!! the best concert of my life!! i was afraid it was going to get cancelled.. but snow wasn't enough to stop da STL!! bow n nelly wuz l00kin fyre, n ov course Chris was lookin 0h s0 SEXY!!! I LUV CHRIS BROWN 4EVA N CANT WAIT TILL HE CUM BAC!! =)

  • u have such an amazing smile n so do chris!
    yall lOOk cute let them hataz hate girl :):)
    hopefully that will be me soon! lolz