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  • I Have No chanCe to See you Chris..;(((I mean in my whole Life,
    So...I just Can watch your Videos and listen to your beautiful songs...Help Me if you read my letter(sorry my English is not good yet) :((((

    I Love U...More & More Each dayyyyyyy :((

  • Fallen Angle is Awsome!!!
    I Love it and listen Every night when i go to bed!!!!
    LUV you CB..... :XXx

  • I LoVe Chris So I Love all parts of his site,specially his photosssssssssss!!!

  • I hope you Win I know You win...:))

    L.O.V.E YOU!!!
    Your biggest fan...TARLAN kissSSssS :xXx

  • This is TarlAn,Im your big big big Biggest Fan,,I Love you Chris With All My Heart :xxXXxxxx
    You really deserve all those Awards Specially "The Artist of the Year"

    You changed my whole life,don't know what you're doing to me whith your Love...I'm feeling all super human You did that to me,superhuman heart beats in me,Nothing can stop me here with you...SUPER HUMAN!!!
    lUV YOU Foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr :xxyou X