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  • I would just like to say congrats to the person who won and just wanted to say how lucky u r to be standing there right beside chris brown!!!!!!! To me chris Brown iz not only a cute
    guy but i wonderful singer and dancer who has a lot of talent
    and is a Insperation to me. Bac here in Canada Toronto Scarborough nuttin really happens my wishes are 1 i wanna be very successful in life and 2 Meet ma favourite singer CB you truly r a insperation not only to me but the rest of ur fanz too So i hope u Reply


  • Not Only me but a lot of people want Chris brown to come to Canada wat do u think???? There are a lot of his fanz here Toronto Scarborough And Ottawa So if your a huge Chris Breezy fan keep sending comments to come to Canada and im sure he will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!