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  • I hear this singin dancin fella is engaged congratulations to him and his little lady of choice many happy yrs ive been married for 4 yrs nd im 28 it can be hard work sometimes even for us oldies but if u love and laugh your alright and im gutted no one wanted to sell me tickets for the o2,i missed out i hea. me and my best girlfriend are secret cb undercover fans cause our mates and spouses would dis own us and call us werdios for lovin teenage heart throbs happy new yr dont know if ill be on this site again till the nxt concert and need of ponsing tickets love N peace loved up ladies

  • My friend and i are gutted as we cant go to the shows at londons o2 and the tickets are pricey didnt even know about the show till december if anyone wants to sell theirs let me know hope who ever goes has a fabulous time will be crap if your at the back he will look like ant and your be better off watching it on tv on your sofa xxxxxxxxxxxxx