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  • OMG I f***ing loooooooooove you you doofus!!!


    I'm soooooo telling you more of my weird dreams.

    Yazzy you're like the 2 in 1 daughter and sister I never had.

    You're super cooooooooooool!!!

    <strong> I THINK, therefore I am. </strong>

    I'm NOT stupid;; I'm NOT blind. YOU better realize that.

  • Voto: 

    Even even a dead silent room, doing some work or whatever, I cant still hear "Exclusive" playing, track after track after track. And the funny thing is, the tracks play in order.
    Yet again, Chris has pulled it off and managed to brainwash me completely.

    To be honest I was pretty skeptical of the singles being put out and I wasnt sure whether or not I was going to like the album. But, I must say this album is even better than the last and I can only hope that Chris gets all the success he deserves.

    Even though I wasnt sure about the album from the snippets I was hearing, I love it!!!