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  • Merry Chris"brown"tmas

    chris browns new music video "This Christmas"

    vote for it on

    and go watch the move on november 21st!!

  • dude... im gonna go see dis movie its gonna be hella good!! im gonna go see it wit my friends nd maybe wit my boyfriend nd her boyfriend we might bring other ppl wit us... but anyway dis movie is bout to be crankin up in the 707!!

    *YUR A LoOoSeR*

  • yu lyke someone

    everyone lykes someone
    doesnt matter when or who
    but dont just lyke them bc their cute
    lyke them bc their real wit yu
    theyll b real if they lyke yu
    so... b real wit them

  • kiss kiss

    dis is one of my favorite songs!! but its kinda sad bc the first day i saw it on tv was the day befor my ex-boyfriend broke up wit me but id care bc we still kool...