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  • My username is flava-cakez :p
    ♫▫♥ExċLũŞїvέ Şĩştαz™♥▫♫ - Flava
    ♥Luvv my Sistas Forever~*~Mega Ladiez Stand Together♥™

  • I think that in order to join you should be required to complete some kind of application or something. ya know name, age, how long u've been a member, why you wanna join, etc. & then we just evaluate. and i also think that as the sisterhood grows, you should be required to have a certain number of posts to join so we kinda control how many people are in and we should keep raising it like every 5 members or something. I think spammers should just be ignored because there's really not a lot we can do about it. Newbies come on here everyday which makes it kind of uncontrollable.

  • lmao @ the haters. ur cute hun (no homo)

  • .

  • i know a inside joke about this pic. do you babygirl!

  • lol that's cute

  • on JOHN


  • let's keep it 100 boo. u look like marques houston.

  • cute pic but no lol

  • try again sweetheart :)