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  • i love this picture. There is nothing wrong with ners...[[Im one]] lol. I love this pic.. as it say in the bottom.... you're PiCTURE PERFECT!!!lol.
    Ayyyy wat it does???
    My doggy is PiCTURE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!
    NiMEHA.B00 &trades;
    Read Mahhh Nu storii The Color Game!!!!!! Plz
    old s/n:Mzz.GiiGGLEzz

  • i like the gold and white one because it makes you look like your gold and yo shirt is white .lol...

    but it does look much betta the otha one is kinda just TOO much.
    dis b nene alwayzz

  • at first it was bougee but now its walllin!!!!!!!!
    love da video it was crazy!!!

    dis b nene alwayzz