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  • Chris vs. Million $$$$

    If you had a chance to meet Chris Brown or win a million dollars, which one would it be?
    Something to think about:)

  • Grammys

    OMG, I can't wait until you sing at the grammys, i know its gonna be something special.
    Good Luck

  • How do you add Pics?

    Does any1 know how to add pics on the right side of the page?
    If you do, please reply back

  • Chris, i think everyone here would be more happy if you were single again, but in the other side, you dating Rihanna is making u happy, and i think thats what matters the most.
    But we still wnat you to be ours

    Chris Breezy's Wifey!!!

  • Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

    This commercial song is so old now, but I still can't believe its still catchy. The other day I also saw his other commercial about a game, and he looked really cute. I think he should do this more often, with his own career.... like maybe his new cd. Well Just Sayin.

  • Bad Girl

    I heard your song with Rihanna, and you sound great. But on the other case, Rihanna sounds like she is screaming on the top of her lungs, I still like your music RiRi. And i always LOVE yours Chris.

  • Hey
    add me plz

    Chris Breezy's Wifey!!!

  • I love your Song Freeze

    I love your song with T-pain. It is on the top of my list right now.
    You should release your new cd called Graffiti pretty soon, I know it will be awesome as your previous ones.
    For your cd, I think you would have a nice collab with Christinia Milian, Or Beyonce, maybe even Rihanna. You know something different.

  • well i just come here for the latest updates
    i really wanna come to your concert, but i dont know when are where to get ur tickets
    i just hope they dont cost too much
    Chris Breezy's Wifey!!!

  • #1 Chris Breezy Fan

    Hey Chris,
    I listen to your songs everyday.
    I have you on my wallpaper and screensaver and everything.
    I just wish I could meet you one day, and then i will realise that my life goal is complete.
    Btw, I can't wait until your new cd comes out!!!