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  • Chris breezy vs Shanae eezy ma weezy.

  • You go breezy serve mi up with some french toast along that chicken noodle and some fruit punch.

  • Somebody call the damn photology i need i picture with my man...
    cauz your my baby boy and yes you rock my world.

  • Your great no matter what your in are how you look your a king in my heart.

  • this is a song for you

    Boy for you i will sacrifice for all the life you and me will be together
    for better are for worse i vow throught ups and down here and now forever i'll sacrifice
    baby you and me been in throught so much so many storms have come and we r still holding on
    your the one i trust with all my secrets and all my other things. That's all

  • Boy why are you so damn fine. I love it.

  • now that's alot of luv ,respect dew nyah.

  • Boy are u sick r something u look so to me
    sit ur bony ass down dont you know that u aint neva and i rept neva eva definately impossible cant imagine you lookin any thing like my man Chris breezy.

  • All i need to make my day as bright as the sun i just take one look at you.

  • If you dont got no money take your broke ass home
    and Chris as get is honey so get your own.Your inspire me.