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More Mobile Trivia Club Fun!

Chris Brown mobile club fans answer 2nd official trivia question: “How old was Chris when he started dancing?” The results have been finalized and mobile club members prove that they are CB’s #1 fans! Here are the mobile club trivia responses:

Chris Brown Trivia: “How old was Chris when he started dancing?” ” 15% texted “A” (for 7 yrs old), 29% texted “B” (for 4 yrs old), 5% texted “C” (for 10 yrs old) and 51% texted “D” (for 2 yrs old). Congrats to all the fans who replied: “D” (for 2 yrs old)! That’s right, Chris had the moves down at just 2 yrs old! Want to prove you know your boy? Then, don’t miss out on the next round of CB trivia. If you are not a member yet, text CHRISBROWN to 66937 to join Chris Brown’s Official Mobile Club and you will get automatically enrolled to play CB trivia! For details on mobile club membership and to view CB’s personalized trivia video,
click here.