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  • i L0VE the background; its so old school. but, the picture seems to be a bit off; like it doesnt really fit
    Don't push anything too hard--
    if its meant to be, it'll happen.

  • on mee.

    its naturally curly! i use garnier and a revlon straightener lol
    but thanks for the comments :)
    Don't push anything too hard--
    if its meant to be, it'll happen.

  • knowledge;; get some.


    »if she calls you with a problem, accusing you of something or WHATEVER, and truly, its NOTHING. she`s over-reacting and just trippin` for no reason, that you ARENT doing anything, then why get upset?! all this situation calls for is a "baby, its not even like that" followed by a simple explination, and that should be that.. NOW i speak for every female whos ever done this.. when you turn it around on me;; its cus your not keeping it a hundred! if you're not doing ANYTHING, there isnt ANYTHING to defend, right?


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  • i want to learn italian SOO badly; i wished they offered it @ my school. but, yeah girl, im really driven. like failure is not an option! i want to go into the law enforcement and/or forensic pathology.. what abt you?

    passion is knowing what youu want -
    and never stopping until you have it.

  • a lil` about mee.

    given the name angelique, but most people dubbed me up as angie or barbie --»» so get familiar. december 21 is when i really act a fool, yes! ya girl is legit. born in ks, but residing in oklahoma. ; .seXXed mami (( mixed ; yepp ; ya dig? )) . ice me ; wife me ; you cant have me ;taken?

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