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  • Do anyone has Chris as a friend on Myspace?

    The reason why I ask is because I do and Chris has so many friends and I just wanna know know if there is anybody on here thats his friend.

  • If Chris Cheated..............

    while he was in a relationship with you would you break up with him or would you stay with him because he said he's sorry and because hes' good looking? Tell me what would you do?

  • Whats your sign

    Everyone knows Chris Brown is a torus (I don't know if I spelt it right) so what is your sign? I'm Aquarius!!!!!!

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  • I have at least 15 different posters. And 2 big binders of Chris Brown pictures I got off the internet. You can say that I'm I have 2 copies of his first album and 3 copies of his first dvd.


  • Thanks :)

    Thank you everybody who added me to their buddy list, I really appreciate it. I hope to get at least 10 or 15. Thank yall so much and tell me what yall did over yall fourth of July!

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  • I would be both because Chris deserves the best and we all want him to be happy with who ever he's with. But then again I would be kinda upset because he's not wit me and he's not happy with me. But who ever he's with they betta treat him right or every Chris Brown fan is gonna come to her house wit pitch forks. lol


  • Super sweet 18

    Hey I just wanted to ask somebody if they have Comcast cable what channel is the Super sweet 18 with Chris Brown. Cause I seriously don't know. Oh, and Happy Fourth Of July everybody!!!!!! ;)

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  • Watz Good

    Watz good everybody.It feels good to be on a website with so many Chris Brown fans and to interact with people I have things in common wit like Chris Brown. Make sure you add me to ya friends list and I'll do the same. iight yall peace!! :)

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