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  • youu deffinitely look liike hiim.

  • youu deffinitely look liike hiim.

  • i luv tht song ..forever

    chris brown is amazing...i luv his new song forever!
    ima take you there
    imma take you there
    so dnt be scared
    im right here baby
    we can go anywhere
    go anywhere
    its the best out there right now!

  • happy birthday chris!!!!!!!! hope this day goes incredible for you ..well i just wanted to stop by and say this lol

    happy 19th birthday!
    luv your fan

  • obvious*

  • why am i not shocked .. its obyious i mean everybody loves you .. who wouldnt lol yeah well keep being a romodel for the guys .. keep doin yah thing

    #1 fan

  • chris i egret everything i said im gonna wait until you state whether or not ur going out it her
    chris im gonna love you no matter what
    im not gonna threaten you or rihanna
    im srry for all the things i said
    i kno ur not lying you dnt lik her your just freinds
    and i have no right to be lik you shouldnt be dating cuz shes twenty you can date whoever you want
    good luck and i just wanna say im srry i believe actually i trust i kno you wont lie to us
    ur not lik tht
    luv you

  • ok i dnt care chris you completly killed me ( well my hurt)
    you always would make me smile when i look at all yah poster and her your amazing drop dead voice i was soo happy when you were single cuz im lik one day i will marry him but i guess tht changed you promised us and you even knew it would kill us if dated someone

  • wat in thwe world is she doin o lord plz tell mah chris isnt wit her
    dear chris,
    i pray your not dating her umm plz dont be it would completly kill me

    love you lik crazy,
    confused fan

  • chris good luck wit her hope she dnt cheat on you and hurt you or anything but dag in the pic you look kinda scared lik she forcing you to do something??? is she?? im srry rihanna theres something bout you i dnt lik at all maybe if i met you i wouldnt feel this way but yeah im srry but lik im begging you date someone ur age not chris he younger then you its sooo rong plz date someone else i will even go on my knees plz stay away from him i kno he hot and has a great personality but can i have him lol ok rihanna be nice to him and dnt brake his heart