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  • chris brown

    cb is doin his thang yall
    i am lovin his new album and i kisten to it alot
    get on dat new forever to cuz it tha bomb
    wrdz short get @ me!

  • yo that song is the s*** yall better
    go head


  • yo wauz gud i just stopped bi to show u sum luv
    i havent been on this s*** in so damn long i forgot abiut this s***
    but wen u get this hit me bac
    a s a p
    so we can talk a litle more

  • yeah yall know thats hot hit me back and tell me what yall think!!!lol!!

  • have you?

    have you ever been in love with a beautiful liar!!
    who constantlly told you i wanna love you!!! OR
    that you were irreplaceable!!!
    but like a boi he up and left and made you crazy?!!
    well it's all good cuz i got C-BREZZY ladies sorry!!!

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  • LoVE LooSt BuTT SOOn 2 b FOunD!!!

    hi for you guys who do not know me i am tbaby!!
    ~$BoRN 2 LooSE BUiiLt 2 WiiN!!$~