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  • Okay now he is the winner, i mean almost identical, why cant no Chris Brown look a likes stay around me?!

  • He is the closest so far that look like Chris, he just look a lil olda and his eyebrows diffrent but they do look a like....

    you need to gimmie them digits girl foreel, u might have a new cousin in law lol

  • He dont look like Chris but he is beautiful

  • kinda a lil, i think its the angle

    thats a funny lil pose there, dont hurt yaself now

  • Cute, he kinda look like chris but he still ain got it

  • He dont look like Chris but he is fine though

  • Caught him comin out the bathroom, i hope he had a chance to wash his hands and everything lmao!!

  • My name is Kenya too!! Maybe this is a sign that i'll meet Chris one day......i can only dream lol

    But yall look so cute in this, i know u was trippin hard cause i know i would be, actin on straight groupie mode lol