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  • no thee ordinary [guyy]

    thiss is ah very sexyy pic of chris brezzy. i lovee it so muchh.
    he is fine && got it. not like any ofva guyy out here. lls...

    theee [-]# fan

  • ah little sumthangg sumthangg.[bout me]

    my life has it days. but wat can i do about it..nothin but livee w/flaws. its all good. my fav movie is love&&bball. why?? it just iss. i lovee thee fam&&frie[s] i am so drugged on back in thee day musiqq as you hear. lovee my moms cds. as you can see im taken by the most wonderfull fool [dee] and thats just us [lol] soo trankiee. well hoped you enjoyed thee page come again!! okayy..[&&dnt you just lovee thenn backgroundd] haha//[its life] so go enjoy yurs and to all hateas its 09 if you aint found a life yet..[oh-plzz] do ASAP!!! i love ya;// dice roll duce♥