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  • Hello gewjusness:P
    You alright ??
    scale of you and c.b--8/10
    Your hot though so dont need to look like c.b x

  • you kinda look like a younger chris brown but you are propa fyne add my msn xallyx

  • You look kinda like Chris yh i can see it :)
    Your damn fyne though if you gto msn add me


  • You Look like c.b
    And you damn fyne boi

    hit me at xAllyx

  • Damn you fyne chat too me at


  • Awww your cute and you do actually look like Chris---x
    Your buff x ally x

  • You look like chris but younger but god damn you fyne boy...

    if you wana add me on msn then do !!

  • on Dee

    add my msn

  • Your well buff

    add me on msn ... you look like c.b aswell babe very fyne

  • me and 2 other of my friends are having a sweet 16 uk and we really want chris brown to be there. we need to know how to get in contact with him, and how much he would be? please write back to us (: many thanks laura and ally x