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  • is it hot in here,or is it just me?

  • if good looks was a crime,im sure u wud b in jail a million times

  • not bad not bad at all

  • sweety you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude i love ur musik they r off the hook,i like kiss,kiss bcos i like ur little nerdy look after all hes the one who got the girl rite,oh and i love t-pain

  • Reality

    When you are right no one remembers
    When you are wrong no one forgets

    Think before you speak and not speak everything you think

    Before you give a piece of your mind,make sure you can get by with what is left

    The worl is like a mirror
    Frown and it frowns too
    Smile and it smiles too

    This is the best of BUSINESS
    In the mind of BUSINESS
    Is to mind your own BUSINESS
    So if you have no BUSINESS
    Then make it your BUSINESS
    To leave other people BUSINESS alone

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