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  • Things I cant live without xD

    1. Music (RnB)[Concerts]
    2. Roses and Chocolate
    3. Traveling
    4. Sunsets, Sun, Tropical Wether and Beaches
    5. Grilled Marshmallows
    6. Volleyball
    7. Pizza

  • Didnt see this program but they're both great so what more can I say? ^^

  • Why are there so many concerts in Germany? And im not just talking about Chris, but it seems like every singer goes and performs there...come to Sweden instead xD

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    Did chris perform at berns last year? i thought he did that 2007? but s***, should have been there...

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    I dont have anything to say because I didnt watch this TBA performance or whatever, but its chris brown and it was 2 days before my what the hell, i guess its good man ^^

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    I have absolutely no idea why im trying to review this because I got better things to do that watch Disney Channel, wich means that I didnt see it xD But i suppose it was good...and between you and me...disney channel is pretty good, it reminds me of old days, old memories xD

  • Couldnt say NO!

    OMG! An italian guy asked me out and I couldnt say no because I didnt wanted to hurt his feelings. What can I say? Thats my weakness, I cant say no...but dont you dare use it against me xD

  • Damn!

    I'm sort of sick and my parents wont let me train volleyball tomorrow...but the worst part of it is that I cant play at the volleyball tourment this tuesday...which kind of sucks...

    I went outside like 10 minutes ago and I thought I would freeze to death...GOD DAMN! Im not made for this country ya...

  • 31/1-09

    Cuando costa una entrada de Los Estados Unidos? Quiero que dejar Suecia y voy allí...ahora. Pero no tengo dinero, tengo sólo 16 anos y mi pasaporte no está válido más largo...

  • ehh gjorde han inte dom två målen mot grekland i EM 2008? I mean that was last year for gods sake ^^