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    man i aint even gone lie every tyme i hear wall 2 wall i gotta get up n dance dats jus how i du i love dat song no lie n i'm sure i'ma love ur cd jus lyk i loved ya last 1 kk jus had 2 say that luv u chris

  • hey wat up its ya girlie Andriana u kno all my friends of course love u n y shuldnt they luk at u u sexii but n.e way they always b lyk oh he mine blah blah blah n i'm like ok ok ok i dont care well let me get 2 the point i'm here 2 set the record str8 jus cuz they love u dont mean i cant SO ANDRIANA LOVES U BABII KNO DIZ and holla sumtyme iight ok xoxox ducez