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  • ay yoo chrisbrovn123 dont come on here with yo bulls*** soo quit effing hatin !

    I love Chris Brown

  • oh trust me i have a whole lot of fun lol

    I love Chris Brown

  • Forever-Chris Brown

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  • Final Destination

    Departure time 7:30
    I'm packed and ready to go,
    1st class ticket outta here,
    I think its time,
    to put it back in gear,
    no more stand by,
    I'm tryin to stay clear,

    Turbulence got me nervous,
    i should have never flown,
    scared when you fly alone again,
    you know the atmosphere wasn't perfect,
    I'm thinkin to myself was it worth it,

    Layover, its almost over,
    I can see clearly,
    No more stormy weather,
    Exit now,
    don't pull on the lever, lever
    this gon be my final destination
    no more sittin round havin my time wasted

    you say its now or never

  • nice pic gurl ur lucky u get to meet him

    I love Chris Brown

  • he needs me even thos he has rihanna lmao

    I love Chris Brown

  • what does cbsv stand for?

  • Cute pic gurl u soo lucky

    I love Chris Brown

  • DAM he is @ FINE!!

    I love Chris Brown

  • With the lambourghini you never seen it so get it shawty we parking lot pipmin lol. dam chris this is hot

    I love Chris Brown