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  • 2 be honest as long as i won i wudnt mind where but on tha beach wud be nice lol!

  • breezy is a basketball fan he say it himself!

  • this year breezy has worked so hard so really he does deserve evry single one of dem award, he is amazin and one of the most talented people i know. he gives out good music 4 us all to enjoy so voteing for his is the least we can do 4 him wen he is provideing us wid some real music. i dnt fink i cud eva survive widout ma music and expecially wudnt survive widout ma chris brown cd! well done breezy!! love ya xxxxx

  • how did dis happen
    y du people du it

  • jus wondered
    it can be off n e album

  • gooooood!! so he should lol

  • jus leave him the fuk alone?

    right im sick off all theis s*** about chris brown
    its all bull s*** that yall hearin bout chris brown
    if yaa r tru fan u wud jus listen 2 him and agree wid wat he sayin coz its only him hu knows the truth, and he is speakin the whole truth, his real fan beleve him and r stickin beside him and fightin his corner, so u fake ass fans jus get the f*** up outta ere coz u aint wanted in ere, no1 likes u n ur not welcome coz all u wanna du is disagree wid him.
    if he says he isnt datin rhi thn he isnt and he isnt lyin so jus trust him on this 1
    he has no reason 2 lie

  • my song i made: im so in love wid you

    i feel like goin to the top of the mountain and shoutin i love u
    i jus gotta tell someone how i feel about my boo
    i jus wanna call u all the time whether it night or day
    we can be on the fone for hours coz there is so much to say
    i love you ur one of the kind
    and i jus cnt get u outta my mind
    i jus keep talkin bout u thinkin bout you
    u jus come to me automatically
    i cnt stop even if i wanted to
    nobody in this world can put it down quite like you
    it like when im feelin dwn all i gotta do is think of you and u cheer me up
    its so damn gr8 to be in love

  • ( my sond i made) where you at?

    its been a whole month now and i aint heard a word outta u
    but i cnt help but be so in love wid you tel me what i shud do
    its seems to me dat im more into u thn u r 2 me
    there is ment to be to in a relationship but it seems there is only me
    in the whole month of missin
    i been remonising
    of all the time that we used to share
    and without all ur hugs n kissers i dnt fink i can bare
    so plz tell me what you want

  • even tho chris brown is worth way more than a dollor
    i wouldnt mind havin chris brown on my paper it is far better than the people we got on it rite now
    it would make it much better and it would make me save ma money more coz i wouldnt want to give out paper wid ma boo on it lol