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  • Oh YEAAAA lolz

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    *♥i'm dяσwиเи เи єmσtเσиร♥*•becomin a star from small to beyond♥+++

    ♥pняєรн cσuтuяє♥™•i ♥///


  • hey mamaz........yea lol I feel you on that.
    JaHmAAL N' ChRiSsY?????


  • awww look at my lil baby lol :D

    JaHmAAL N' ChRiSsY?????


  • I LUV IT!!!!! I absoulutly love this song! I'm still tryna play it lol

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  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Ya'll silly lol

    JaHmAAL N' ChRiSsY?????


  • If you're not gay that means what you just said..........

    I LIKE dudes NOT girls

    If you are gay that means that you like girls not I'm not gay

    ThIs Ni99A BroKe mY dAmN H3aRt BuT HoW ComE i stIlL g0t F33LinGz 4 HiM? It WaZ OnCe G-NaSty and C-Fr3AkUmZ buT nO moRe nOt EvEn frIenDz................

    G-Nasty_H3ArT BR3aKeR Of LAdy-Fr3eAKumZ

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  • Songs

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    I'm sorry to break it to the bi females but I AM NOT BI/HOMO/GAY..............please don't send me anymore messages asking if I have a girl/I'm too young for you etc etc. No I do not want girls/have a girl friend and I want to keep it that offense if this hurts your feelings but I like dudes not GIRLS. SO ALLA YA'LL WHO TRYNA GET @ ME..........I'M JUST A COOL PERSON NOT TRYNA PUT ANYONE ON OR ANYTHING I'M JUST BEING MYSELF..............

    I'M NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!