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  • you might not look like Chris Brown but you do luk Cute Axe!

  • which one is you and which one is your friend??
    farron tomlinson lol... you and your friend?

  • I am firstly really sorry about your mum,
    I know there are hard times,
    I know ther are sad times,
    No one to talk to,
    No one that Understands you like she did,
    No one To tell you countlessly how Much she loves you,
    No one you can go to tell about how you feel,

  • I dont know how I got to see the part where tou wrote you mum the massage, i'm sorry about it all, I have been tru the same thing last year. life without a mum is like no life no one to run to no one to open up to and no one to make you early breakfast, but sure if you believe like the way I did there is someone upstairs that is still willing to share his love with you my Bru.

    Whenever you needa talk bru I'm here xse..
    If ya have Mxit u can invite me 078 11 38 337
    My Phone digits- 078 850 8848.

    Cheers man stay strong Homez!

    Farron Tomlinson

  • `this is the Closses i have seen any one look like my bru C.B! may be I can hook you up with him!!

    Lata Yall!


  • I guess he does if he had shaved under his arms cause C.B does!

  • ""TrUe LoVe"""

    True Love,

    True Love never fears,
    Its the way yor heart Appears,

    An apeal of luv is GOD's best gift from above,
    A angel in my head like the smell of rozes, is the same smell I get at night wen I vaaiH to bed,

    Come a little closer let me Hold you Now, Listen closley wanna teach you how yo bow,

    Lets ask GOD for food on our Table I promise you he has a chow.
    Dont be affraid to ask, My GOD ain't no cow.

    Farron Tomlinson AkA Farronnite

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