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  • Life

    In our relationship theres abence,
    you handle it my taking subtance,

    In our relationship we need some adjustment
    because you can not handle the judgement,

    In our relationship when you have something
    planned we come to an agreement,

    when I have something planned you always
    turn it into a disagreement,

    In our relationship you are known as Mr.Dependent
    when I'm known as Ms.Independent,

    In our relationship we both have stayed committed
    when we both get around others there is submission,

    In our relationship you stayed jealous,

  • My Body

    you are the beat to my heart,
    everytime we kiss you leave a sensation to my lips,
    you are the stream that runs through my body,

    when I'm without you that beat fades away,
    there is no longer that sensation to my lips,

    the stream has died off,
    I'm sad to tell you,
    you are no longer part of my body

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  • Chris Brown

    Far away

    I see you from up far,
    never did I have the heart,
    You get my eyes the way you walk,
    You get my lips the way you talk,
    How would I have ever known it was you,
    from the things you do

    now face to face with no words to say,
    why so afaird to express what I feel for you,
    is it the same way for you?
    the things your friends tell you, are never so true,

  • I love that song!

  • About Myself!

    My name: Kristina



    Orientation: Straight

    Hobby: Shopping, Singing, Cooking

    Sports: Basketball, Football

    Why do you think you should be Chris Brown's girlfriend? And what makes you different from other females?

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  • maybe have her hustling in the streets to provide for her sister and brothers a long with going to school, or her dropping out of school, since their mom is on drugs and messed up. Also maybe have her go though abuse. Maybe somewhere in the story have her sing somewhere and a producer or a person who owns a record label sign her.and maybe thoughout the story have a guy or her bf that stood by her though everything?

    just some suggestions!

  • He looks so good in that picture!

  • That picture is amazing!

  • Two are better then one!

  • Chris Brown is so cute!!